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The true Perfect Science testing video

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The true Perfect Science testing video

The true Perfect Science testing video

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Reviewer: ayterion - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 2, 2012
Subject: Femi joing EAV Micro Current and using Perfect Science Gels
Of course you know nothing about a real science . Where your PHD from ?

This is Arlene Lennex PHD with Perfect Science AD Joanne Spreitzer , Bill Spreitzer Vital Earth Solution ,Jim Trider Full Circle using Douglas Leber Aquatron on tests pt in Sarasota , Florida , Werner Austria working with Tomic and Anita I-Health , Prognose in Croatia , Norway , Denmark and Spain with Perfect Science Systems

Clearps (tm), Breaker ( tm ) , Mothers Waters ( tm ) Water of Life ( tm ) and the Perfect Science Gels from the USA made and created in US by Terry Welch and Nancy Welch gels made by Vital Earth using Ayterion Perfect Science Systems

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Anita Behrns is the aunt of teh gentleman in teh video Werner --------------

From: "Anita Behrns"
Subject: Re: I-Health
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 23:01:21 +0000
Hi JoAnn

I health system is based on acupuncture theory- basics, acupuncture is not only recognized but also approved all over the world.
We do use many different graphics, so we are able to see which meridians ( and whatever is connected to this ) do have bad energy ( are out of balance / blocked ) and so on.
We can see developement during treatments / after treatments. We can compare the different measurements from start to end and see /follow the developement.
Most devices do not have this possibilities for directly comparements.
I never do get impressed by devices who cannot show me directly results / comparements from meridian to meridian / but also seen from many other angles.I do prefer to have graphics from beginning
until the end of the treatments to look at. People are very interested as well, because this is easy to understand even for the clients. They can see what is going on in their own body - how their body does react.

You can test in many ways. Drugs, vitamines formulas etc. one does test by holding them in the hand ( i am sure you remember this part ) . In this way you can test whatever it is you do want to test.

We also do make thermo-scanning of the body. To do that we do need to put very sensible sensors on visible bloodvains on hand and feet / toes. Than we do connect beamer for sound- treatment with computer and fotbalms
and we do put lightpen for light- treatments into navel and we do select what problem-area / or problem issues / of the body we do want to scan. During scanning the client will be given very small amounts of all sound - and light-frequences which are connected to area we are scanning. Whenever the body is in resonance with a given frequency the body will react by rising temperature. This will be noticed in the computer and when the scanning is finsihed we will see which 3 treatment frequences the body did react the best too. This frequences we do use for treatments.
The body does tell you in way itself what is the problem / and you also do get proper frequence for treatment this way.

This treatment frequencies do work on all levels. You will also see after scan if this is mostly emotional or physical related problems or a mix of this.

We do have several different new modules as well. Zap scan module- this is incredible efficient when it comes to bacterias / viruses / parasittes. Here we also do use Rife - frequences and Hulda Clark frequences for treatments.
We do have studies when it comes to borrelia, and there are lots of results also with viruses like herpes - or similar viruses where traditional doctors usually always do tell you - you do need to live with this for the rest of your life- there is nothing to do about this. So this is really great.

Then there is also this Core belief module which is used by many psychatrists. This will help to change patterns. i did send you informations about this earlier,
There is also a module called mental balance which is mostly used for top- sport athlets to help them to even better presentations.

We will also get another modul ( hopefully within this year ) which is called anti- aging ( this is for skin- treatments9

So this is written in very short form, to show you how much possibilities you can find within the I -health system today. All possible areas are included her.

As for horses regarding viruses / parasittes and so on, the best treatment in this area is using the zap- scan.

There has been this small zap devices ( Hulda Clark ) on the marked in many years. They did help a bit, but one was never able to solve problems like all to the end. Today i do know why. This small devices with one or three programs cannot kill all this different microorganismes there are. One needs to know what is there / what kind of parasitets, viruses / bacterias do make the problems - and then one needs to know what frequency will be the best to kill this viruses...etc.. with.
For one and the same family of virus / bacterias f ex. there may be a lot of different ranges of frequencies avaliable to use. So one needs to know what to use -
Treatments like that can never be made with this little Hulda.- Clark zappers which do use same programs for whatever parasites / virus or bacterias .

Do hope this does help you a bit.

Best thing is to see this life - see system in use- then it is so much better to understand all the possiblities there are.

Best to you all


----- Original Message -----
To: Anita Behrns
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 11:04 PM
Subject: I-Health

Hi Anita,
I have questions re the I-health as a testing devise.

Interested in both for humans and animals.

Can you tell me what makes this devise more unique in its testing?

What theories are behind its ability to determine what is the problems in the person or animal being tested?

I am not talking about the probe used but actually the therories and abilities it has.

Why would I advise someone being tested or someone interested in testing that they choose the I-Health?

Best to you,

Feb 3

to Mount, JoAnn, mortgagejustic., 7corkery, Aydoaquaelix''

So this man who Jill , Jody lived next door to on Halsted with the women before Jody got married is still the one who Mary all so had a friend with the same name

They are trying to use this place in England as a chain now not paying then framing him or them because they are Iranian to move heroin to the USA the biggest market like they have done all over the world
Skull and Bones and all the other occults connected since the fake 2000 .
Market share now we have 2012 movie time small brain half the children on horse

Follow the miltary south America ====== Coke 1980's

1990 =============================Herion

Cathey ++++++++++++++++++ Opion pipes

cheap vision street poor died sooner

1:42 PM (8 minutes ago)

to MEW_7, Mount, JoAnn, mortgagejustic., 7corkery, Aydoaquaelix
They were spying on my friend who owns King Crab ( Face
Friend ) they know about him the MOUntBatten from Paul The UK Tank
Park and Mountbatten now knows from Terri Mundo

Harry Orrs Rush street accross the street from the Oak Street ( me
and Harry they have the tape ) restaurant spring of 1984 after spring
break see Paul O Hare dear born , Illinois or brown house condo
arount the corner of division street gold cost he is a Israel

The system of Perfect Science System was created by Terry Anne Welch AL_Shhri with love to Anne Doyuk Welch

1-815-838-7629 fax 1-815-302-3941

We want our money that Paul UK Tank Park cheated us from by selling what we showed him and all so work with for years Mount Batten!/sabbah/palestine,
Reviewer: barticle - favorite - September 26, 2011
Subject: Huh?
The audio in this is so bad I couldn't understand a word. I have no idea what this is about.
Reviewer: Maha OBrien - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 8, 2011
Subject: Perfect Science AD Delware Company T Welch
The true research of Ayterion and Perfect Science that is being explained to the Late Doctor Lennox at US Gov Femi Lab .
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